Denis Di Luca - څنګه د لوټ راکو ډزې کول

سلام زه یم Denis di Luca from Di Luca Ceramics.
Join me today for an exciting online workshop as we explore the intriguing world of the naked raku technique.


  1. Choosing the Right Clay:
    • Start by selecting the perfect clay for our raku firing.
  2. اړین وسایل:
    • Explore the necessary tools for a successful raku firing.
  3. Blending Glaze and Resistance Slip:
    • Learn the art of combining glaze and resistance slip for creative magic.
  4. Applying the Glaze:
    • Discover precise glaze application, including spray booth techniques.
  5. Mastering Raku Firing:
    • Gain insights into caring for your creations during the raku firing process.
  6. Cleaning Your Pieces:
    • Find the best methods to clean your finished pieces.

At the end, witness the beautiful results – naked raku on the outside, raku on the inside.
Get ready for a creative journey!

د دې ورکشاپ وروسته تاسو کولی شئ دا ډول ښکلي ټوټې جوړې کړئ:

کله چې تاسو دا ورکشاپ واخلئ، تاسو ترلاسه کوئ:

  • زما دمخه ثبت شوي ورکشاپ لیدو ته فوري لاسرسی
    • ورکشاپ دی ۱ ساعت ۱۲ دقیقې اوږد
    • تاسو کولی شئ دا ژر تر ژره وګورئ کله چې تاسو دا ورکشاپ واخلئ او خپل حساب ته ننوځئ.
  • د بونس سوال او ځواب
    • زما بونس وګورئ ۱ ساعت پوښتنه او ځواب چیرته چې ما مخامخ زما د پروسې په اړه پوښتنې ځواب کړې.
  • بیاکتنې ته د ژوند وخت لاسرسی
    • ورکشاپ او پوښتنې او ځوابونه ثبت شوي، او تاسو به ورته د ټول عمر لاسرسی ولرئ. تاسو کولی شئ دا آنلاین وګورئ، یا په هر وخت کې د آفلاین لیدلو لپاره خپل وسیله ته ډاونلوډ کړئ

Denis Di Luca

Creating new things has been a passion for me since I began making wooden toys as a child at home in Urbino, Italy. It was a natural choice for me to study industrial design at University in San Marino where I developed an interest in ceramics and began to discover the possibilities of combining clay with other materials and using specialist firing techniques to produce contemporary ceramic art. 

While a student at university I practiced daily and realized a number of projects utilising clay as my raw material. One specific project was a vocal resonator that was exhibited on the stand of Casabella in the Salone del mobile Milano expo.

I ve continued my carriere in design and on 2014 I ve graduated in Product Design in Venice, one of my favorite city to live.  

Studying under the master potter Roberto Aiudi I began exploring experimental techniques and built my own Raku Kiln to refine my Raku firing technique that produces a distinctive cracking effect in the final glaze. The spirt of Raku embraces the 4 elements: earth, fire, water and air and allows you to create objects as unique as nature itself creates.

I am continually refining and developing my skills in Raku, Naked Raku, which allows you to create amazing patterns; Raku Dolce, the traditional coral clay method from Arezzo; Saggar Firing, using a container to protect the piece during firing; Obvara Firing or Baltic Raku, that uses flour and yeast during firing; Horse Hair decoration; and Stoneware.

د اړيکې شمېره:

  • فوري لاسرسی.
  • 1 ساعت 13 دقیقې
  • د ورکشاپ سند
  • آډیو: انګلیسي
  • انګلیسي
  • د ژوندانه لاسرسی. ډاونلوډ کړئ یا آنلاین وګورئ
  • + 1284 نومول شوی
  • بیه: $39 USD

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